Dental Crowns: The Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

If you have an affected tooth that you think might benefit from a dental crown, our dentists encourage you to call and schedule an appointment. We will be more than happy to examine your smile and provide dental crown treatment if it’s right for you. Before your appointment, our dental team is happy to teach you… Read more »

Fascinating Historical Facts on Dentistry

We at love teeth. That’s why we’ve devoted our careers to dentistry. We’re not the only ones. For thousands of years, humans have been concerned with the health and preservation of their smiles. Here are some fascinating historical facts about dentistry: -The first concrete evidence that dentistry existed is from 14,000 years ago: that of… Read more »

Toothpaste: A Historical Timeline

For thousands of years, humans have recognized the value of their teeth and cared for them accordingly. Over time, our ability to care for our teeth has vastly improved through some amazing inventions. Centrifugal to these inventions is that of toothpaste. In fact, it may have the longest history of them all: Here’s a brief… Read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Cavity Prevention

Protecting your teeth against cavities begins with every material you place in your mouth, most specifically the foods you eat every day. Cavity prevention begins with healthy eating habits. Create an improved oral health identity with cavity prevention. If your oral health care requires cavity prevention, remember the following: – Stick to flossing between your… Read more »

Gum Disease is Dangerous for Your Oral Health

Did you know, gum disease can cause serious and costly damage to your smile? Well, it’s true! Gum disease can often be painless, so most people do not know they have it, which makes it a serious threat to your smile. Luckily, our team here at in , , is trained in helping you overcome… Read more »

Chronic Night Grinding Can Fracture a Tooth

Unresolved stress can have an effect on your body in a variety of ways. For some people, chronic stress can cause them to grind their teeth at night while sleeping. This condition, which is also known as bruxism can apply significant force to the biting surfaces of your teeth and the temporomandibular joints that hinge… Read more »

Is It Time to Replace Missing Teeth with a Set of Dentures?

Is it time to replace missing teeth with a set of dentures? Dentures have been around for a very long time and have a recognized track record as a quality tooth replacement treatment that is both functional and removable. Each night, you can remove your dentures and place them in plain water or soak them… Read more »

A Bad Filling Can Cause a Toothache

Fillings are commonly used to repair a small cavity or a chip in a tooth’s enamel layer. While they are intended to last for many years, it is possible for a filling’s bond with the surrounding tooth enamel to degrade. As time goes on, bacteria can slowly invade the microscopic seam, causing a new area… Read more »

The Facts About Endodontic Treatment

Do you have an endodontic treatment coming up? If so, good for you. It’s best to restore your tooth and improve your oral health. Unfortunately, endodontic treatment, which is also known as root canal therapy, is often misunderstood. Many cringe at the thought of the treatment when, in fact, this treatment is extremely beneficial. To… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Help Prevent Further Staining Problems on Your Smile

Your tooth enamel has microscopic pores and textures on the surface. These pores and textures can actively trap minuscule dark particles from foods, beverages, and the tar from tobacco use. If these stains are not removed from your tooth enamel in a timely manner, they can turn your smile an unappealing shade of yellow. Rather… Read more »