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Contact sports are a great form of physical activity because they are good for your general health and can help improve your mood, making them one of the most popular options for recreational activity. If you play sports or any athletic activity, you should wear an athletic mouth guard to avoid the risk of oral injury.

By wearing a proper mouth guard whenever you are active, you can prevent the occurrence of harmful mouth injuries like tooth damage, tooth loss or a broken jaw. Dr. Brent Hawkins and our team are here to help you receive a custom mouth guard that is designed to fit the unique contours of your smile and help you avoid potential damage from a strong blow to the face. Mouth guards are a small appliance that can be easily transported in a pocket or gym bag so that you have it with you whenever you need to protect your smile.

Contact sports aren’t the only reason to wear a mouth guard, as they can also provide safety if you are biking, skateboarding, running or doing gymnastics. You are welcome to come see our dentist to learn if you would benefit from a mouth guard or have any questions about the reasons to receive this appliance.

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