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Removing your wisdom teeth is like a rite of passage as we age. For many people, wisdom teeth can become painful and cause complications as they grow in or become impacted. That is why having them removed is essential to keeping your smile healthy and free from the damage that could occur.

Our dentist, Dr. Brent Hawkins, is happy to explain more about removing wisdom teeth. To help you, our team at Hawkins Dental Group has provided some necessary intel on removing wisdom teeth and why it can help:

– If your wisdom teeth are erupting, your gums can end up becoming swollen and inflamed. During this time, they can often be vulnerable to infection.
– If your wisdom teeth fail to fully grow in, they will often need to be removed.
– Wisdom teeth that are up above the gumline can cause several oral health issues. Because your wisdom teeth are the last of your adult teeth, they can cause overcrowding, spacing issues and knock teeth out of alignment.
– Wisdom teeth eruption can lead to gum disease.
– To lower several risk factors associated with wisdom teeth, you may need to visit our dentist for an extraction.
– Wisdom teeth eruption can often cause pain and discomfort when they are above your gums.

If you still have questions or wonder if you need wisdom teeth removal in Amarillo, Texas, please call us today at 806-353-4361 to make an appointment. Our team is happy to give you a consultation for your particular needs.