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For children, losing their first tooth is a major milestone. It means they will start to get their “big-kid” teeth! For parents, this milestone means they get to have their first conversation with the Tooth Fairy.

Different sets of parents make different deals with the Tooth Fairy; all parents are tasked with helping her take care of the baby teeth. Terms of these “Tooth Contracts” are negotiated from family to family; parents decide how the Tooth Fairy will care for their child’s teeth. Here are some deals other parents have made with the Tooth Fairy, to inspire you as you work out your own.

Clean Room Contract: The Tooth Fairy is a HUGE fan of this optional feature of the contract. It states that the Tooth Fairy can only trade teeth for goodies if the bedroom is clean. Sometimes, she even checks around the house to make sure other chores are done! This contract feature is popular with parents.

No Candy Contract: Instead of candy or other edible goodies, many parents ask the Tooth Fairy to bring non-food items as gifts in exchange for teeth, which helps protect the remaining teeth from cavities. This contract feature is encouraged by dentists. Some non-food items may include small toys, bubble bath or coins.

Some other contract features have included leaving a note on the counter, leaving a sprinkle of fairy dust, and giving a “bonus” for cavity-free teeth.

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