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Do you often wake up with a sore jaw or morning headaches? Do you have earaches and teeth that are sensitive during the day? These and more could be symptoms of bruxism or a condition that causes teeth grinding. We encourage you to know the facts about bruxism so that you can have it treated as quickly as possible.

Bruxism is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (also called the TMJ), which is a joint that enables you to open, shut, and move around your jaw, though bruxism can be caused by many factors, including misaligned teeth, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, and acid reflux.

While the cause of bruxism may be difficult to assess, we can offer a few different treatment options. One of the common treatments for bruxism is receiving a custom-made night guard to wear while you sleep. You can also seek professional care to correct misaligned teeth or address other health issues that contribute to bruxism.

Sometimes, bruxism can be hard to recognize, and we encourage you to schedule regular dental checkups so that we can assess your smile. Our team can determine if you are struggling with teeth grinding, and we invite you to call Hawkins Dental Group at 806-353-4361 today to schedule a visit with one of our skilled dentists if you suspect you have signs of bruxism in Amarillo, Texas. Dr. Brent Hawkins, Dr. Richard Smith, and Dr. Hassinger are happy to help you maintain your healthy smile!