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Undiagnosed or untreated oral health problems like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancers can significantly affect your quality of life. This can lead to tooth loss, dangerous periodontal infections, or potential loss of life.

To help catch these problems before they can worsen, you should have a dental checkup performed by one of our professionally trained dentists. This important appointment will not only clean and polish your teeth, it will also detect any oral health problems.

If our dentist’s examination of your mouth finds any cavities or gum disease, he will help you understand the various treatment options available at Hawkins Dental Group.

This might also include preventive treatments such as a fluoride treatment or the application of dental sealants. The dental checkup then concludes with him performing a basic screening for early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer.

If our dentist finds any signs of oral cancer, he will refer you to a local oncologist for further diagnosis and to help you understand your treatment options.

If you live in the Amarillo, Texas, area and you are in need of a routine dental exam and cleaning, you should call 806-353-4361 to set up an appointment with at Hawkins Dental Group. Our skilled dentists, Dr. Brent Hawkins, Dr. Richard Smith, and Dr. Hassinger look forward to helping your smile stay healthy and bright!