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Without treatment from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Smith, or Dr. Hassinger even a small cavity will continue to spread. As the tooth decay starts to penetrate the internal structures of the tooth you might start to experience increasing toothache pain, discomfort when chewing or a feeling of pressure building in your gums.

In time the compromised dental structure could cause the tooth to severely fracture at the gumline. With timely attention, our dentists can often treat a tooth in this condition by performing a root canal. In some extreme cases, we might advocate extracting the tooth and excising any infected material. This is a more likely course of treatment if a large dental abscess has developed in the underlying periodontal tissues.  

After any necessary extraction, our dentists will suture your gums to allow the affected tissues to heal. When you’re ready, we might recommend replacing the missing tooth with a dental bridge. This is a single piece of dental work designed to fully replicate the original tooth. It is fused to a pair of crowns on each end that will eventually be anchored on abutments formed from the neighboring teeth.

If you are in the Amarillo, Texas, area and you are dealing with a severe case of tooth decay, please don’t delay calling 806-353-4361 to seek treatment at Hawkins Dental Group.