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A dental bridge can improve your oral health. Dental bridges are used to replace lost or missing teeth that leave a gaping void in your mouth. Over time, this gap can lead to a variety of oral health ailments that can affect your other teeth as well. Protect your mouth by filling in the gap with a replacement service like dental bridges.

Dental bridges work by installing artificial replacements directly in your tooth gaps and using the nearby teeth as the foundations to latch onto for a durable hold that can potentially last for the rest of your life. Not only will your mouth look better, but various functions such as eating and speaking will be better too.

Your oral health will also receive a boost because leaving empty gaps in your mouth can lead to excess bacteria. The bacteria can use the gap to grow, manifest, and hide, which can make it harder to wash away with brushing and flossing. In addition, the gum tissue can weaken and cause neighboring teeth to slip and slide and come out of alignment.

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