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Your teeth are protected by a thin layer called tooth enamel, but as strong as enamel is, over time it can be weakened by a variety of factors. Even our teeth themselves can cause damage to each other. How can this be? Bruxism is a condition where your teeth are damaged from persistent grinding against each other, often while you sleep. 

This unconscious act of constantly grinding and clenching your teeth while you sleep can negatively affect your oral health over time. Do you have the signs of night-time bruxism? You may be grinding your teeth in your sleep if you notice the following:

— You have irregular markings and indentations on your tongue and inner cheek tissue.

— You have difficulty or feel pain when fully opening and closing your mouth.

— You may have bruxism if your jaw easily locks up or gets stuck in place.

— You have teeth that look worn down or are sensitive to the touch.

— You experience pain in your head in areas outside your jaw, including your face and ears.

— You experience a temporomandibular disorder that has weakened the joints in your jaw.

If you recognize the signs of bruxism in yourself, we invite you to come in and find out how Hawkins Dental Group can provide relief. Our dentists can create a custom-fitted oral appliance–a nightguard–for your smile to help prevent wear and tear on your teeth, tooth fracturing, soreness and even jaw strain. 

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Brent Hawkins or Dr. Richard Smith by calling 806-353-4361 to speak with a member of our team in Amarillo, Texas. Protect your oral health and your smile by putting a stop to nighttime teeth grinding!