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When your dentist, Dr. Brent Hawkins, installed your dental crown, he used a powerful dental cement that was meant to hold the crown in place for many years to come. However, there are some instances when a hard blow to the face or gum disease can affect the cement. Chronic gum disease can allow bacteria to access to the seam where the crown meets the abutment.

When this happens, you might feel moderate pain when biting down or even a slight wiggle in the crown. In a case like this, you need to seek Dr. Brent Hawkins’s attention before the problem gets worse. While you are waiting for your appointment, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

You need to resist the temptation to wiggle or play with the loose crown. Even a minute amount of movement can cause significant damage to the abutment.

If a blow to the face has left you with blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse them away with lukewarm saltwater. This might also help soothe injured tissues and gums. Beyond this, any other cleaning attempts should be left to Dr. Brent Hawkins’s skilled hands.

If the abutment is sound and healthy, Dr. Brent Hawkins might be able to cement the crown back into place. If the abutment inside was damaged, then he might have to perform a root canal to restore enough structure to hold a new crown.

If you have a loose dental crown in Amarillo, Texas, you shouldn’t delay in calling Hawkins Dental Group at 806-353-4361 to have it treated to prevent serious complications